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The Buestad Construction team together brings hundreds of years of building experience, empowering our ability to honor client and design team goals. Many of our staff are second, third, or even fourth generation builders—and their commitment to high quality and enduring value continues, as evidenced by the three father-son teams currently contributing to Buestad’s success.

John Christian Buestad, Jr., President and Project Manager Buestad Construction
John Christian Buestad, Jr.  President and Project Manager

Christian, a fourth generation of Buestad family leadership, has worked for almost 20 years in varied field roles in the company, amassing on-site knowledge and an appreciation of architectural intent. An Orinda native, he received his degree in Economics from Hobart College. In addition to leading complex projects throughout the East Bay as a Project Manager, Christian manages the day-to-day operations of the company. Christian’s projects range from urban upscale hipster eateries to multi-acre country estates.

Ken Carvalho, CGBP, Senior Estimator Buestad Construction
Ken Carvalho  CGBP, Senior Estimator

Ken started working for Buestad in high school and, 45 years later, he brings decades-tested expertise to design coordination, estimating, and pre-construction administration. Ken is a licensed general contractor in California and is a fourth-generation builder. A native and life-long resident of Alameda, he holds a graduate degree from San Jose State University in Industrial Arts. A Certified Green Building Professional, Ken’s projects include renovations of some of the East Bay’s most notable period homes.

Janet Van Klompenburg, Office Manager Buestad Construction
Janet Van Klompenburg  Office Manager

Janet, a Buestad team member for 15 years, has lived in California for over 30 years. She leads the efficient execution of every company project by coordinating Buestad’s office administration, including job tracking, subcontractor insurance, vendor records, and accounting reports. Janet has vast knowledge of subcontractors, tradespeople, and other specialists needed on Buestad’s complex assignments. Janet runs the Buestad headquarters in Alameda, which offers ample meeting space for clients and design teams.

Gary Whitehead, CGBP, Senior Project Manager Buestad Construction
Gary Whitehead  CGBP, Senior Project Manager

Gary, a 30-year veteran of the Bay Area construction sector, was previously the owner and president of his own general construction company in Berkeley. A Lafayette resident, Gary commands a deep understanding of the role of a professional contractor on the project team, having collaborated with countless architects and interior designers. A Certified Green Building Professional, Gary held positions in several high-end remodeling companies in the East Bay.

Michael Sugitani, Associate Project Manager Buestad Construction
Michael Sugitani  Associate Project Manager

An Alameda native, Michael’s expertise is backed by 11 years of automotive engineering experience. Michael meticulously reviews design and bidding documents, evaluates contractor bids, and oversees the progress and scheduling of Buestad projects. He also provides technical support to the Buestad construction team members who are under the supervision of a Project Manager. Michael has an AA in Administration of Justice from Chabot College and a BA in Criminal Justice from California State University, East Bay.

Charles Carvalho, Project Engineer Buestad Construction
Charles Carvalho  Project Engineer

Charles is a native Alameda resident and represents the fifth generation of his family to be dedicated to the building industry. Based on his prior experience in the construction world, Charles brings knowledgeable support to the Buestad Project Managers, helping to organize the acquisition of materials and to schedule staff and equipment. An Eagle Scout, Charles currently also serves in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve. He earned a BS in History from Sonoma State University.

John C. Buestad, Sr., President Emeritus Buestad Construction
John C. Buestad, Sr.
President Emeritus

John, a native of Alameda, significantly grew Buestad Construction since 1982—always emphasizing integrity and stability. He continues to share his 40-plus years of residential and commercial building expertise on every aspect of client projects.

Scott Benty, Site Supervisor, Journeyman Carpenter Buestad Construction
Scott Benty
Site Supervisor, Journeyman Carpenter

A graduate of New York’s Alfred State College of Technology, Scott completed 19 years in custom home construction in the Tahoe region. Now an East Bay resident, Scott has applied his extensive carpentry skills at Buestad for two years.

Keith Challberg, Site Supervisor  Buestad Construction
Keith Challberg
Site Supervisor

East Bay resident Keith has 34 years of wide-ranging residential construction experience, handling concrete work to utilities to roofing to cabinet design. Keith holds a BA in Theology from Westmont College in Santa Barbara.

Brian DeSilva, Master Carpenter Buestad Construction
Brian DeSilva
Master Carpenter

Brian holds over 34 years of carpentry experience, primarily in top-tier residential construction. A native of Fremont, Brian precisely crafts solutions for some of Buestad’s most challenging carpentry projects throughout the Bay Area.

James Jaffe, Project Manager, Superintendent Buestad Construction
James Jaffe
Project Manager, Superintendent

With 23 years of construction experience, James brings a seasoned appreciation for the design team’s intent. Both his knowledge and his Philosophy degree from University of California Santa Cruz help James reach achievable solutions for complex site challenges.

Michael Kunit, Apprentice Carpenter Buestad Construction
Michael Kunit
Apprentice Carpenter

Born in Berkeley and raised in Oakland, Michael has a total of 22 years in home building, including previous experience in landscape construction. Michael holds a BA in Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Mauricio Perez, Superintendent Buestad Construction
Mauricio Perez

A longtime East Bay resident, Mauricio is Buestad’s top finish carpenter. He is highly skilled, with 20 years of experience in high-end residential construction in the U.S. Previously, he trained as a fine furniture maker in Nicaragua.

Felipe Tachiquin, Field Team Buestad Construction
Felipe Tachiquin
Field Team

Oakland resident Felipe has been a key Buestad employee five years, and has previous construction experience in San Francisco. Felipe handles multiple support responsibilities in the field, including Buestad’s jobsite materials recycling program.

Cesar Tapia, Journeyman Carpenter Buestad Construction
Cesar Tapia
Journeyman Carpenter

Cesar’s three years at Buestad were proceed by 10 years in the Bay Area in framing and finish carpentry, and in electrical, plumbing and tile installation. Cesar grew up in Long Beach and lives in Oakland.

Paul Teixeira, Superintendent Buestad Construction
Paul Teixeira

Paul has dedicated over 10 years to upscale residential construction in the East and South Bays. Having overseen custom home builds, coordinated subcontactors and excelled at hands-on carpentry, Paul brings detailed knowledge and clear communication to the team.

Francisco Vazquez, Site Supervisor, Journeyman Carpenter Buestad Construction
Francisco Vazquez
Site Supervisor, Journeyman Carpenter

Francisco has attained 25 years of carpentry experience in commercial and residential construction in the Bay Area. An Oakley resident, he also has a forklift operator’s license, having spent five years as a fork lift specialist.

Wilman Cano Vittataro, Field Team Buestad Construction
Wilman Cano Vittataro
Field Team

Wilman has lived in Oakland for almost 20 years. His experience in the residential construction world spans 10 years, including specialty experience in plumbing and carpentry. Wilman has also gained expertise in the mechanics of semi-trucks.

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