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Building since 1948, Buestad combines our deep Bay Area connections with state-of-the-art project management and building technologies to achieve both exacting detail and big picture design vision on residential, estate and commercial assignments. Buestad is headquartered in Alameda, California. Please see our website for more company background.


The Working Foreman will create successful, rewarding projects through this critical role of ensuring safety and quality standards, reporting time and expenses, updating schedules and communicating frequently to the entire team. The Working Foreman has
responsibilities in these areas:

Time Sheets: The Working Foreman is to keep accurate time sheets for all employees who work on their project sites. Time sheets must be filled out with project number, cost code, hours and totaled. Time sheets must be delivered to the office by 5 pm on Monday to allow for prompt payment of employees.

Daily Reports: The Working Foreman is to keep a daily report for each project for which they are responsible. Reports are to be completed in Procore in the specific subfolder for daily reports. Daily reports must be accurate and must be kept on a real time basis.

Receipts: Credit card receipts must be delivered to the shop each week with timecards. The receipts are to be put in a tracking envelope. Each receipt is to have the project number and appropriate cost code written on it. Project receipts are also to be submitted at least weekly.

Budgets: The Working Foreman understands and complies with the project budget. Copies of project variance reports are available from Project Managers at any time.

Project Schedule: Before starting a project, the schedule will be provided to the Working Foreman. The Working Foreman needs to understand the schedule, implement it, and keep it updated as changes occur at a minimum of once a month.

Buestad Employees: The Working Foreman must assess their need for personnel on their projects. The Working Foreman must be respectful of employees and provide guidance to keep employees productive.

Subcontractors, vendors, inspectors: The Working Foreman is responsible for the smooth operation and progress on their project sites. Subs, vendors, inspectors and other site visitors must be coordinated and scheduled to keep the project moving forward efficiently.

Work Ethic: The Working Foreman (and all Buestad employees) are to work with the best interest of the Customer and Buestad Construction in mind. Everyone involved in our projects is to be respectful of our customers and each other. At all times, we should be delivering value to the customer.

Vision: The Working Foreman needs to consider how their work fits into the larger picture. We must all work like a larger machine and keep key questions in mind: What can we do to make everyone else’s work easier and more efficient? Are we ready for the next sub? Do we have material on hand for tomorrow’s work?

Quality Standards: The Working Foreman shall be able to distinguish the quality standard Buestad requires and maintain that standard, demanding it of our employees, subcontractor s and suppliers to achieve the desired finish product. The Working Foreman should also: be able to plan out ahead at least 3 weeks for subcontractors, materials, and BCI manpower; take copious notes during meetings on site, whether with just the Project Manager, or the Owners and Architect; and visit the corporate office at least once a week to turn in paperwork, collect items, and discuss status with the management staff


Candidates should have a minimum of three years of residential construction supervision experience and be familiar with the Uniform Building Code.


Hourly wage of $45.00/hour to $50.00/hour (Non-exempt status). The wage rate will be determined by the candidate’s experience. Buestad offers these benefits: Holiday Pay, Paid Time Off (Vacation Time), Medical Plan (Kaiser or United Healthcare) and a 401k Retirement Plan.

Next Steps

If you are interested in talking further about this dynamic position, please email your resume to We can further share specifics and our full employee manual.


Buestad Construction, Inc.  Building Since 1948
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Buestad Construction, Inc. Building Since 1948
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